Aloha to all the halloween pumpkin partygoers!

Aloha to all the Halloween pumpkin partygoers!

Despite our covid circumstances, we are here to make the party a blast! Are we ready to dress up as the cool party of 6?

We need all our wonderful tiki groups to make this spooky Halloween happen! Our cocktail guys are ready for those game enough to party like the zombies that we are…the living dead !

Our island getaway party in the heart of Battersea is no doubt, the place to be on the 31st of October! Boat cocktails, rum old fashioned, pina coladas and red blood wine lovers…. the spooky island is warming up the seats of escapism and we need your vibrant spirits there to make this Halloween, the best party of the year!

London is moving with the journey of this pandemic, but for us, we believe that no matter what, we live for the nights we never remember but for the friends we never forget!

Clapham Junction railway, open the tracks and gates to tropical hell this Halloween! The best bar in South London awaits your group booking and presence with us.

Mahalo Tropical Halloween pirates !


Francine Talei Wong