Celebrate and support our Covid19 revival!

Aloha from the spirits who are ready to revive our family business after Covid19 !

We have absolutely missed the world of birthdays and precious moments that keep our island joyful and our cocktails spinning! Battersea has rested peacefully and now, together with other small businesses, we take on the challenge of revival!

Our awesome cocktail bartenders have wrapped up bundles of party packages to welcome you all! London has missed the fire of Tiki, flaming cocktails, disco tropical tunes and delicious tapas! So we thought we would surprise you with these amazing online discounted vouchers to purchase now!

Ohana is family in Tahitian, and it is the very core of what makes us unique in Clapham Junction! So jump online and browse. From our business world to yours, we appreciate every effort from you to support our journey to come back stronger and closer than ever after Covid19!

Browse the link below!

Voucher Offers


Francine Talei Wong