Cocktails In The City!

Aloha Londoner’s!

Last week was the battle of “Cocktails in the City” and the “Battle up the Thames”….!

It seems …Spring has arrived London!

On our island paradise, you have your lush selection of boat tropical cocktails:

  • Tropical Sunset
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • Tonga Punch

Just to keep life interesting, our talented bartenders have extended our “ohana” (family) of cocktails:

  • Head Hunter
  • Jet Pilot
  • Sea Horse

It’s everyday life in Polynesia to paddle your own canoe and to make the most of daylight before the sun sets and the communal parties and feasts begin!

Londoner’s no better place to experience the best cocktails , premium spirits, themed parties and the spirit of Aloha!

Battersea, Brixton, Clapham and our neighbouring partygoers, let’s share the Spring vibes and live the best holiday vibes this season!

Nightlife in Clapham just got better!

Mahalo !

Francine Talei Wong