DIY cocktail street talk!

The neighbouring Brixton DIY whisperers are on a roll with the “around the world” approach to these innovative cocktail experiments! 

It’s spreading like wildfire throughout the best bars and restaurants in Brixton and Clapham… and it’s finally hit Sugar Cane Bar! 

We’ve joined the band wagon with a taste of the urban life of cocktail street talk to spice the nightlife as a DIY cocktail player. 

Here’s what Vlad contributes to the unique concept of DIY cocktail terms & conditions this dry January! 

Listen up and party it up with the random but cool creation by Vlad. 

Here is what he has to say: 

“Hello chiefs and wahines! My name is Vlad Dicu. We live in an era where everything is fast forward where you need to finish it yesterday because something new just birthed! In this fast moving consuming goods era, we find time for gossip. Here’s one from Sugar Cane”.

Now the drink:


Ingredients: 35ml Dark Rum, 15ml lychee,20ml elderflower syrup, 20ml lemon juice. You top up with pear juice if you want a nice silky smooth finish or with ginger beer if you want to enjoy it with a bite! 


Francine Talei Wong