Aloha to all our lovely Tiki followers!

For some, the spirit has stayed alive! We had Georgie Mack, one of our dear faithful customers celebrate her birthday in London last week Tiki style during lockdown! Wonderful effort to keep our spirits connected and high!

During this pandemic, as humans we are remembering to still do and live the most memories with family and friends. At Sugar Cane, our London cocktail venue located in the midst of all Battersea hype, we have always operated as family with our customers to cheers to Georgie for keeping that alive with us from a distance!

Amazing DIY cocktails have been added to our social feeds to keep you busy over the weekends! Mixology in London does not stop guys! We spin the spirit of Rum, Bourbon mysterious shakes and more online, so follow the feeds!


Francine Talei Wong