Happy Hour in Tiki Huts!

Happy hour! Such a global phrase that alerts anyone’s desire for great cocktails and the will to switch off after work! You could serve a massive bowl of fruit rum punch with random spirits mixed to spark your taste buds, put up a sign with HAPPY HOUR..SOLD! Not such a big deal, especially for a chosen blog choice.

However, throw a TIKI HUT resembling homes of pacific islanders… BOOM! We have London’s best cocktail bar! Happy hour cocktails + Tiki Huts = hashtag London’s best cocktail bar. 11 years and counting, our bar has embraced happy hour in tiki huts with roof thatching and sheer Tiki authenticity. Totally exotic and the definition of a cool bar in South London. Happy hour at Sugar Cane Bar is like pasta to an Italian restaurant. It’s there to satisfy cocktail lovers with safe choices at reasonable prices with the added window of Pacific cultural vibes. An immersive experience! Londoners stroll through from 5pm, stamp their Tiki Hut, then the happy hour cocktail journey begins.

Off to paradise they travel. Bartenders groomed with straw hats and Hawaiian shirts serving them with cool drinks & background chilled tunes playing to set you sail! Happy hour originated with the United States Navy in 1913. There allocated time to be merry and socialise whilst onboard. In our modern day or amazing bars and tropical cocktails, we relive the tradition in our local area of Clapham.
Ask anyone for their favourite happy hour cocktail? Let’s put money on the Sugar Cane punch served in the signature Tiki mug!

Happy hour tropical cocktail served in Tiki mugs, alluring Tiki thatched huts and fancy Tiki dressed bartenders roaming the cocktail bar. The complete happy hour story to kickstart your weekday from 5pm..


Francine Talei Wong

Mod Tiki Media