Hawaiian Limbo Christmas Party 2018!

Mele Kalikimaka, meaning “Merry Christmas” 2018! This is our way of keeping the tradition for all Hawaiians and Polynesians out there in London!

I bet you didn’t know that before Hawaiian’s celebrated Christmas, they participated in a festival which was called Makahiki for a whole four months! It was surrounded by the aura of “peace and love to all”, which seems to be, a version of the new season….we now call Christmas!

London hire venue!

This year, we are inviting you to Sugar Cane bar in Clapham for a typical Hawaiian Christmas Party 2018!

First up, no Hawaiian party exists without the famous Limbo! Proudly, each year we have our customers return for big hoorah! It is a combination of a beautiful “white Christmas” on an exotic island in the tropics!

Is that even possible? Seems ironic to imagine, but it truly beautiful within the four walls of our, Tiki Huts, Pirates Cave, Sunset area and Luau Lounge.

It is our season of joy flaunting the best moves of the Limbo! Every year, our Sugar Cane in Battersea that best Christmas parties are fantastic. A cool bar in Clapham with the lowest Limbo bar participants?! That’s our late night fun bar in Clapham Junction near Battersea.

Tropical Vibes

Our Hawaiian Christmas party goddesses, groom themselves with leis, continuing the rituals of the traditions back in the 19th and 20th century in Hawaii.
The Christmas party vibes at Sugar Cane, is as fluid as the North shore pipeline ready to spin a massive left- hand break along the shores of Oahu!

The traditional way of Polynesian life, which stems from the culture setting of “sharing is caring” is most evident at this time of the year and our staff turn into Santa’s energic Tiki elves spinning cocktails as high as the thatched leaves and bamboo holding the fort!

The crowds and many corporate parties from all over London escape their hectic city lives and enter our Tiki doors to have fun and meet their likes. They enter their own little Hawaii in London for a memorable night out in Sugar Cane, starting the night off dancing to our party and dance tunes! And of course in the meantime, we will be celebrating countless birthdays, cool late night parties and many glorious eventful encounters.

Sugar Cane Party Packages

Embrace the great music, sharing cocktails, limbo fever and fancy Hawaiian Christmas attire, and not forgetting the massive sharing platters cooked by Santa’s helper in the kitchen. We need to keep the engine room going all night long, so the feast hovers in our oven pit underground where its cooked and served until 11pm.

From then on, there are no more cookies and milk, neither do you get a Luau feast, which is the traditional feast shared amongst many! Instead, you get a massive wave making surfboard of “cool cocktails and Tiki shots” that will most definitely get the spirit of the party up and going!

In Polynesian groom, we welcome you to Sugar Cane bar to  celebrate your Christmas party with us in Clapham Junction, London, the capital of the party world!

Your Christmas Party 2018 is best with us Londoners!

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Francine Talei Wong

Mod Tiki Media