Hello Summer!

Aloha Summer!

It’s that super time of the year where all our amazing customer are boozing in the parks, tanning in the parks and living their best life until night falls then they hit the best bars in Clapham Battersea…including Sugar Cane Bar!

The island that stops the London buzz and surfaces what you call, the best cocktail parties that ooze out the coolest cocktails, god smacking dance floor vibes and party lights that make you go crazy on our little tropical island. This summer our funky bartenders decided to whip up ICE CREAM COCKTAILS! Looking for a brain freeze to cool you down, well you’ve got it! All summer we will be firing up the BBQ to compliment your Mojito every Wednesday, so take a break from the kitchen and pop in for a quick smoky tasty BBQ pork ribs!

Parties over summer go crazy when the sun goes down. Our London turns into mini Hawaii and we make the party go off keeping the cocktails flowing, birthdays hyped, party goers legless and the memories locked in for YOLO instagrammable moments!

Book your TIKI PARTY this summer!


Francine (Mod Tiki Media)