Inspiration behind TIKI LOVE Party!

Through the art of a very beautiful cultural dance and the colours of London, Hula Kicks was birthed and started the journey of Tiki!

I’m Fran, the Tiki enthusiast you would say, in the amazing world of Tiki! The true meaning of Tiki in the western world was introduced to me here in London by chance. My history of dance started at the age of 9 far away in the Pacific, Fiji and then later in Australia. Years later, life connected the dots and the journey of a concept birthed by Trader Vic’s in the 1930’s became my entertaining life at Sugar Cane Bar in the heart of Clapham!

Blogs are meant to be a blurb, so you will read the full story in my book that is soon to be released! To sum things up, the TIKI LOVE event this Sunday the 30th, is a revival of what I feel is the essence of Tiki in an establishment. I believe that the colour of life is what Polynesian people aspire to and deliver the best, through food, music, the love for nature gods and most of all, the art of the Hula dance. Hula now sits on the shelf for me, however it is my 6th year with this beautiful funky, unusual cocktail bar in South London and  I thought it necessary to surface the characters of Tiki that you see in the menu…. and bring them to life!!!!!

The tiki mug makers, the amazing cocktails, the retro tiki dancers and rum enthusiasts! But most importantly, the importance of colour of life. The true meaning of people gathering to genuinely enjoy the aspects of the finer detail of Tiki, which also resemble a bigger meaning of enjoying the small beautiful things in life that are portrayed through this brand!

London bars are outstanding, around Brixton, East London and of course Central, you are never short of choice, and as a team member of Sugar Cane bar, I am proud to host and showcase my once called “hula home” with the brilliant Sugar Cane bar team.

Many thanks to all the participants and businesses from London and abroad that have kindly offered their presence and free services to make this special day happen for all us in the cocktail industry this Summer!

Stay tuned this week as we warm up for Sunday the 30th! Doors open at 3pm so feel free to book your table free of charge!



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