Journey of the decade…!

Sugar Cane has had many personalities flow through, many that to this day, come back to serve our Tiki lovers in London!

Over the 12 years that it has been running, our longest serving member and more or less the structure of Sugar Cane, is Max!

He has been around for 10 years so his journey with our guests has been a very interesting and a memorable one. Having a team with big personalities and energy from the London crazy buzz, we have been fortunate to have an anchor as firm and dedicated as Captain Max! Always in the background, keeping the ship under control as the Londoners swing their way through and sends the flow to the Kai Wai Cove where the party doesn’t end!

Max’s fond memories go back as far as couples that have met on their first date in our cosy love seat, then years later, back for their 1st year wedding anniversary or Hen party!

Our amazing customers have evolved over the years coming back for a long time favourite many moons ago such as the HAIRY COCONUT and the GRASS SKIRT! ..It is always a pleasure witnessing the throwback moments, as staff members we are taken back with Max on a journey that was and still is fruitful to the service industry in South London!

Sugar Cane bar has gone through many birthdays, hen parties, new years eve parties and more since Max started with Sugar Cane a decade ago, so from all the staff, management, customers from the past, the present and future…a big thank you or Mahalo as they say in Hawaii –  for your amazing dedication and service keeping our ship cruising smoothly the past decade.

Cheers to TIKI LOVE and the greatest party we will host next week with our fellow TIKI members from London and abroad! Free entry for all so book now! Doors open at 3pm, June 30th!



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