London Spring 2019 Cocktail Parties

Aloha Londoners!

Here we go with another fantastic Spring in London! Stay tuned… we have our little kinder Easter surprises on the way.. the journey from the South Seas is quite a journey for our new cocktails ! We have 4 lush additions to the tiki cocktail family. When they arrive at our port, you’ll be sure to know..

Its going to get warmer so our tiki garden will be taking shape ready for those afterwork Sundowners and the tropical party vibe … starting this Saturday with St Patrick’s !

Ask our talented bartenders for your special “green drink”.. a big cheers it will be to our fellow Irish lads and those keeping the hype alive in the traditional authentic pubs in South London !

Spring awakens the London cocktail vibe taking it to another level with the sunshine events circling the spring calendar!

Be sure to stop by and get your Spring cocktail made with all the tropical cocktail ingredients to start off the season!

Enjoy our cocktails and tapas for 2 in our garden this Spring 2019, and start Easter drinks early this year on our island paradise!

Let’s jump in and make this London Spring 2019 a fabulous one with all our fellow cocktail bars in London, along with best fruity mixology tricks to create the best cocktail stories whilst out in London !


Francine Talei Wong