London Spring with “Magic”..

Spring in London means the year is in the zone of the tropics!

That’s us all year round…! This Spring, add a bit of magic. Our resident Magician/ Illusionist is on fire every Thursday , so sit back , find your cosy space on our fantasy island and enjoy the show.

– AKin neverland is our in house close up comedy magician that will blow your minds using mis direction, fire and our amazing cocktails.

Our cocktail surprises are not far off now, crossing the seas! Lush additions that will kickstart our new season with a crazy legless cocktail maze!

Our bartenders are birthing fantastic flavours this month in South London, so come prepared for the joyride into the unknown lead by AKin neverland!

The mystery of illusions and magic is right on your doorstep this Spring 2019 at the super venue , Sugar Cane Cocktail Bar!

Battersea is in for crazy nights of surprises in tropical paradise!

Find the magic wand waving at you every Thursday evening …


Francine Talei Wong