London Summer non alcoholic cocktail trend!

Who would have thought, in the London Cocktail bar world, we would be discussing exotic cocktails with little or no sugar!

Cocktail bars in South London, more or less in London have an amazing story behind them! Amazing parties, drunk nights out with friends, and the exotic cocktails made by the passionate bartenders! Now, we steer our boats towards greater parties in London bars, more exciting cocktails, but with the twist of “no alcohol”. How does this seriously work with the nightlife of London? Well, believe it or not, it works incredibly well and is growing. Sugar Cane bar has also jumped on the wagon of stocking fresh crisp non alcoholic beers and tasty mock-tails have always been readily available!

Battersea, Brixton, East London and Clapham bars are fast moving in this industry and we were fortunate to host Domenico, AKA Dedycated in the world of cocktail bloggers and well versed bartenders. Domenico fermented his own ingredients , almost no sugar, if any it was all natural!

Sugar Cane bar, also leading up to this point in the cocktail world, has always been a fan of very minimal ingredient recipes but also capturing for the eye of the Londoner looking for the endless party!

Stay tuned for more updates and refined cocktails here at Sugar Cane as we progress into the market of non alcoholic twists! Your health is your wealth, so do remember the party doesn’t end..we are refining it to cater to the big picture! Book your cocktail party with or without alcohol and be sure to be moving up the rank with London’s best cocktail innovative Tiki bar!


Francine Talei Wong

Sugar Cane Bar