NOT SO….#DryJanuary! 

Aloha London.. how’s dry January coming along? For us at Sugar Cane not so dry! 

The New Years resolution has been wiped out once again every week this chilly season by our signature cocktail; the sugar cane punch ..James’s secret! 

Don’t ask. Literally a secret in the tropical world of Sugar Cane’s menu! 

Moving on… according to our Polish moustache guy Greggo the cocktail hits this month : The famous Zombie, the Hurricane and Rum Runner. 

Seems to be a leg of Rum lovers in Battersea this Dry Jan! 

The great vibe of the weekend in South London this month is driven by the Jan Tiki birthdays. 

Clapham’s hub once again for the “escapism” party vibe, London’s best cocktail exotic menu and more to come in Feb! 


Francine Talei Wong