Novelty of the Hawaiian Shirt!


Our Hawaiian shirts impersonate the tropical island living vibe, as you sip on your Pina Colada at London’s Cocktail bar immersed with the vibes of the South Seas at Sugar Cane Bar.

What’s colourful are the Hawaiian shirts worn by the birthday clientele throughout the year and the eccentric personalities that compliment the cocktail bar, the tropical cocktails and the vibe in Clapham on a birthday night out.

No one wakes up in the morning anticipating the Hawaiian Shirt as part of their everyday attire, least of all, to a cocktail bar in London on a normal given day in the big city.
However, to define our place in the world of London’s best cocktail bars, we fit this scene to a T! Each year, the Hawaiian birthday parties at Sugar Cane bar grow with tasteful hideous shirts.

The shirts that are greeted by our Tiki statues welcome them with the scary masked face impressions. The South Sea gods grin with pride then the party begins within the four walls of the cocktail bar.

Go beyond the tropical colours, sunset images, tiki huts and surfboards and pineapples on the shirts and keep in mind that every Hawaiian shirt worn, represents the Polynesian history when missionaries
heavily influenced the native Polynesians to cover up their masculine bodies with layers of fabric, but instead the Polynesian natives decided they would design their surroundings on their fabric!

This significant gesture brings meaning to the Hawaiian shirt and life to one of London’s best cocktails and cocktails bars!

The Pina colada at Sugar Cane bar, Clapham!

Our cocktail bartenders float the bamboo bar also wearing these Hawaiian shirts, making their tiki bar statement pleasant to the eye as they whip up the tasty Pina Colada, listening to Dean Martin or Elvis Presley!

Pina Colada served in a coconut:

  • 6-7 chunks of pineapple
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 25ml coconut cream
  • 50ml rum
  • 30/50ml of fresh pineapple juice
  • Garnish: Sliced triangle pineapple

Let’s not lie, the Hawaiian shirt at your birthday in a London cocktail bar, is totally eccentric and cool! Your Instagram shots look fabulous, your hashtags are exotic, you out dress the rest of the party and Pina Colada looks complete as you sit in your tiki hut!

The birthday crew each year, limbo their way through the night in our Luau Lounge. The cocktail bartenders flare and mix the tropical cocktails under the tiki shell lamps that resonate the shores of Honolulu, Fiji and French Polynesia. The novelty of the Hawaiian shirt shines bright until the lights come on, early hours of the morning.

Mr Tiki is left with the empty coconuts, balloons, leis and memories of a great tiki night out in London’s best cocktail bar!

Francine Talei Wong

Mod Tiki Media

Food, Drinks & Party