NYE in Clapham!

Midnight Surf Party & Polynesian Feast! 

It’s that awesome time of the year where we wait for the cool theme that will drive us mental when it comes to fancy dress outfits, taxi’s, tickets, drink packages and where we will spend that special last few minutes of the year entering the new year…

Well this year, we are going to hold the fort again hosting the great Midnight Surf Party! You also get transported from Clapham to the shores of Hawaii over NYE Londoners! That is standard from our unique Tiki bar in the heart of South London. You get the full experience entering 2019!

Bamboo torches, waxy glazed surfboards, sunset tunes, pina coladas and even the Polynesian Feast! The Hangi, traditionally labelled  in New Zealand, whereas the rest of Polynesia have this in their own dialect and custom and also share this communal feast throughout the South Pacific in times of celebration and partying! Where else would you walk with a nice glazed pig on the spit awaiting the crowd, with all the tropical fruits and treasures, along with Rapanui guarding the head of the spread! We believe in the Polynesian motto “sharing is caring” so this NYE, prepare to share the greatest feast to ease you into the Midnight Surf evening.

If you are there between 8pm-10pm, you won’t miss a thing! You will be granted novelty free entry just to make sure you get your share of the pig with no stress of tickets! So, plan ahead and save your gut, because the pig on the spit that awaits you is there to kickstart the party in a BIG WAY!
Its tradition that your surf the turf, eat the Hangi feast then party on into the moonlight of our tropical shores that we have in store for you! The ladies will show you around the beachy sparkled tiki huts and sunset booths if you are there to welcome the countdown on a mellow note….NO pressure! The surf gods haven’t forgotten about the sunset bay watchers…

There is no better NYE party in London than this authentic gesture whilst absorbing the Midnight Surf party downstairs in the Luau Lounge! In Clapham we are known for the best tropical cocktails, amazing tiki mugs and super fabulous bartenders lighting up the bamboo bar with the flaring cocktails.
Join us this NYE in Clapham, Sugar Cane bar is the heart of South London’s best parties, cocktails and unique events, so let us repeat history and get going purchasing your tickets online!


Francine Talei Wong

Mod Tiki Media

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