Plan a Party

Book your cocktail party or corporate event

Most importantly remember to have lots fun. That’s the whole point of the party, put a big smile on and have great fun.

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Top 5 tips...

  1. Make invitation list, invite enough people and tell us the number - Invite 20 percent or more people than you expect to show up. Usually only 70 to 80 percent of the invitees attend.

  2. Decide on theme, if you want one - Make, buy or borrow decoration, dress or accessories you may need to fit with the theme.

  3. Invite people, send invitation and ask for confirmation - Knowing the number of people would make it easier to arrange the area, seating, food & drink. A large area would look empty with a few people and a small area would be cramped with too many people.

  4. Plan drinks & food (if you decide to offer it) - Look at the menus beforehand and decide on choice of drinks & food. We offer a great choice of cocktails from Tiki drinks to classics cocktails and various other drinks including wine, champagne, spirits and beer. Group cocktails to share and a sharing platter are great for socialising and talking point. You may want to consider other options, such as a round of nice shots for everyone or going decadent with champagne and berries.

  5. Arrange transport and help if needed - Consider going to the party and back home. We advise against driving but recommend hiring a cab from many of the cab firms around. Also, decide on a friend to help out with little arrangements, in case of an emergency or if someone needs little help at the end of the night.