The cocktail icons of “TIKI LOVE!”

You go to a cocktail bar and you witness the branding icons of the business…Same story with our Tiki bar, you are memorised by crazy hula girls, flaming cocktails and Tiki gods between drinks and food on the menu. TIKI LOVE was all about that and we indeed delivered a party full of fascinating characters that stamped a day of amazing memories in the 12 year journey of Sugar Cane.

That was the joy of this awesome party @HulaKicks hosted at Sugar Cane bar over the weekend.

We had @kookietiki and @sailorlars fly in from Sweden and Belfast with an outstanding selection of Tiki mugs fit for the Tiki cocktail world! @kookietiki moulded a beautiful signature Tiki mug along with mini Moai shot glasses that are now for sale at Sugar Cane, so call in and grab yourself one!

Now, we will proudly flaunt that we had the best of the best at our cocktail tiki party revival. Oj and Onzo from Trader Vic’s Hilton who joined Charlie from Night Jar bar, and the @therumboss from Appleton UK in the judging and hosting of the cocktail competition. Our KAI WAI COVE downstairs was on fire with BE AT ONE and ADVENTURE BAR cocktail bartenders! Thanks Franky from Barrio Bars Shoreditch for the fantastic buzz roll to kick start the vibe! What would Tiki Love have done without your amazing energy?! You are half Polynesian so you fit the puzzle to a “T”!

The cocktail competition was outshone by our Vlad and his flying pig MAI TAI and his Clapham Junction shake! Our very own Sugar Cane personality.

Domenico, A.K.A @dedycatedUK delivered a very engaging cocktail masterclass on Tepache and the fermented Tiki Cocktails, also covering the shift and trends of probiotic cocktails in the London cocktail world. It is a known fact that nightlife pushers are now warming towards the cleaner, healthier drinks that are low or free of sugar and alcohol.

To spin heads, we had the Satin Dollz troupe entertain the crowd with their retro tiki dance moves in our bar upstairs! It’s not a Tiki Party without the dreamy wandering entertainers!

As the host, it was an absolute dream to greet our guests from all corners of the UK dressed up to the nines to flaunt the amazing brand of Tiki. The like minded souls of a cocktail bar that spreads this aura through everyday service here in Clapham Junction, Battersea.

Sugar Cane bar has a clicky bar personality, full of life, unique drinks, great parties and priceless memories. We strive on everything that nightlife is expected to offer in this great city of London!

A very big thank you to the awesome team at Sugar Cane for the outstanding performance on Sunday! Stay tuned for the book release of “Hula Girl in the Big Smoke” on Amazon by Hula Kicks this Autumn!



Mod Tiki Media