TIKI LOVE ! June 30th, 2019

We are 11 days out before we host and celebrate 12 years of TIKI in the cocktail industry! As you can see…our establishments is never short of personality!

The word “Tiki” is not taken lightly at our funky bar. With the tropics within reach this Summer, TIKI LOVE is surely going to be the party of the year! Walk into our mysterious paradise on Sunday the 30th from 3.pm and be prepared to have our talented bartenders show you how its done with not only rum, but spirits from different corners of the globe. If you listen carefully, they will open your mind to the world of cocktails that have been a great journey the past 12 years in Clapham and also been the shining armour of great London birthday parties the past decade.

Summer 2019 has started off well and the cocktail guys have birthed brand new smashing Summer cocktails to satisfy your London Summer’s desire!

They say teamwork makes the DREAM work! We live the dream…..meet our team!


Francine Talei Wong

(Mod Tiki Media)