In the name of LOVE!!! WHERE ARE YOU?

This Valentines Day in the beautiful city of London, we are inviting the cool single love angels to create one of the coolest tropical cocktail parties orchestrated by tropical love!

In Clapham Junction, 10 mins from the overground, you will hear the beats of exotic glassware, smell the food from our island kitchen and see the party disco ball from a distance! South London has the coolest bar awaiting your arrival this coming Valentines Day…the coolest part is….we are hosting not only the sweet lovers, but the wild single players out there who will warm up the tropics for us!

London has the coolest spots for parties and this year, Sugar Cane is setting the stage for something different this Valentines! Themed parties are for those who live for the cool nights of adventure, so do not miss out! You will surely regret it!

For reservations click the link!


Francine Talei Wong