Valentine’s Day in London 2019!

Valentine’s Day lovers, where are we in London this year?

The big smoke never fails to deliver! In central London the theatre shows, Valentine’s Day bus tours and anti  romantic painting art exhibitions are catering for the less dreamy love seekers!

In South London, we have dumplings in Brixton, live jazz from our neighbours at Blues Kitchen, and a lively night out elsewhere ! Typical nightlife buzz that keeps the party vibe of London alive! Battersea, Brixton and Clapham holds the key to endless London events that awake the romancer in you!

Well Londoners, at Sugar Cane bar this year, your valentines dinner is a 3 course mystery far away in tropical paradise! Call it a day and immerse yourselves in our love seats! We are one of London’s funkiest bars, but we also hold the key to happiness found in the South Seas!

Be here!

Don’t google “what’s on” …you don’t need to know.. enjoy the escapism!


Francine Talei Wong