The Journey of Tiki …


Our story is simple…we are a beautiful tropical destination in the heart of London! A 5 min walk from Clapham Junction train station, up the Lavender Hill, you can’t miss it!
Tiki isn’t just the image of Hawaii, Tahiti or Fiji let alone the wooden carvings and Maori god. The journey and revival of Tiki goes way back to a particular concept that was birthed in the 20th Century. It is basically the Polynesian way of life through the eyes of an American post war.
In today’s world of amazing parties and nightlife, Tiki culture is true to its concept and embraces the exotic, unique energy of the South Pacific engrained with the walls of bars and restaurants.
At Sugar Cane bar, the energy is heightened and absolutely fabulous in London, there is no such thing as the perfect bar, but in saying that, there are bars that have stunning drinks, talented bartenders and cocktail soaking Londoners that sway as the Dj spins the music fit for all partygoers!
Make Sugar Cane bar your first stop this festive season.

The origin of Tiki culture dates back to two amazing men in the history of this exotic concept.
Trader Vic’s and Don Beachcomber.
In 1934, Ernest Bergeron , A.K.A, Trader Vic opened his first Polynesian flared restaurant. Trader Vic, along with Don Beachcomber are the two that claim the birth of the amazing MAI TAI! In the light of these amazing founders, Sugar Cane bar in Clapham Junction shares the journey with the awesome partygoers of London! The party capital of the world.
Let’s face it…who would turn down a party, birthday or Christmas in the heart of the South Pacific? This is basically what you experience when younmake Sugar Cane bar your choice for an immersive unique party experience!


They say the islands of the Pacific live their best lives in a communal setting that embrace nature, cultural protocols of living and sharing and caring, embracing a sufficient life with nature, spreading the image of floral beauty, the appreciation of the nature gods and the unique skill of being the line of seafarers fused with the art and gift of living their best chilled island life!

Polynesia is a geographically mapped and distinguished as a “triangle” with Melanesia sitting on the cusp down South and Hawaii at the tip up North. It is also the largest home of this Tiki Culture. Hawaii having such a unique history with Japan, materialised the fusion of these two extreme cultures and made it evident in Tiki Bar or restaurant’s original unique Asian cuisine and cooking styles, particularly stamped and embraced by Trader Vic’s tiki bar’s and many now these days worldwide.

As you sip on your cocktails served in seashells and coconuts in Tiki bars around the world, the amazing portraits and map sketches of French artist Paul Gaugain transport you on his personal journey of French Polynesia where he found his heart and grounded his soul with the illusion of the perfect tropical island life, beautiful Polynesian women and new-found like-minded souls appreciating his Polynesian artistic vision of paradise.

His art is famously appreciated and showcased in many Tiki establishments today.
This Island life is the reality of tropical paradise to this day. Coconuts, pineapples, tropical flowers, tropical drinks, hula drum dancing and the joy of the ocean is not an image. It is the authentic preserved culture of the South Pacific Islanders.


The exotica lounges embraced this genre of music post war that embraced the modern transition in these wonderful Tiki bars and restaurants built by Tiki enthusiasts. The floral touch of women and pin up girls birthed the retro Tiki journey of Tiki culture. Walking around with tropical rum cocktails, hula girls hosting at the grand entrances of Tiki restaurant’s and flaming bamboo torches were the core of associating a venue with Tiki – Polynesian influenced venues that we call also call our best themed bar, Sugar Cane bar here in South Clapham Junction, London!
Blue Hawaii, filmed back in the 60’s, starring Elvis Presley was a classic staging life in Hawaii after returning from the army, which today has the soundtrack playing occasionally at Sugar Cane bar to settle the fast-paced spirits of Londoners, accompanied by a great Rum Runner or Sugar Cane punch!
The Mai Tai along with many others, is the heart of tropical cocktails! Along with that is the Zombie, a potent cocktail that turns your chilled island vibe into the spirit of Aloha ready for a true Luau party dancing to the best dj’s tunes all night long!

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South London’s best Cocktail Tiki bar!
This life we live at Clapham’s best cocktail bar, Sugar Cane, is the heart of all these memories staged over an era that is treasured in the cocktail industry in London and the rest of the global cocktail world!
The Aloha lei’s, Hawaiian shirts, tropical cocktails and creative bartenders fuse our world of happiness set up for partygoers that are looking for an amazing experience and night out in South London.
Our tiki huts turn into exclusive spaces with the purpose of living your best moment out with friends, work mates or a typical London crowd ready to party their best life! Whether you live in Battersea, Wandsworth, Clapham, Balham or Fulham, the transition in this tiki bar is nothing but one of the best parties and memories you will ever experience.

In London, we work hard to play hard in the big city! Sugar Cane sets the bar for those nights you need an escape. We know our Sugar Cane bar story is an endless holiday and the life of Tiki is alive every weekend with the best themed parties, pin up enthusiasts and rum lovers from corners of London!
Birthdays and Christmas parties each year bring out the party souls ready to give it a go and stumble home with a digital bank of selfies and amazing memories! We hold that banner proudly in Clapham welcoming them each year as they return for another great party.

We live the best tiki life with the party souls of London, particularly in the Luau Lounge downstairs. As you all know, Luau is the Polynesian feast shared with many, but at Sugar Cane, be ready for more than that…
Tiki shots, a beautiful hula statue that rightfully showcases her little bar while the boys spin the shakers full of tiki potent along with the Spirit of Tiki that never ceases to leave the walls of what we know, as the dancefloor that defines an awesome night in London!

11 years and counting …become a part of our story!
Francine Talei Wong

Mod Tiki Media